Blockchain Alchemists @ Cebit 2018 and EYEC9

Meet us at the #EYEC9 and at #Cebit 2018 #dtalk #digitalfriday We are happy to host such great speakers like Dr. Patrick Kramer Larissa Wasserthal Jacob Joy Leif-Nissen Lundbæk Arbia SMITI Andriy [...]

The Dark Side of Digitalization

A revolution has taken place over the last twenty years. The digital tools and technology that used to be contained – in office spaces, at a large immobile “desktop” computer, etc. – have spread [...]

Transparency Is Out – Open Innovation Is In

Open innovation is the opposite of the old model of business – when all work circulated internally and presented a final polished face to the public and other companies. On the contrary, open [...]

Culture Wars: Corporate Versus Start-Up

For the last decade, it has felt as if society learns, evolves and changes its mind at a break-neck pace. The cultural standards of business are following suit—moving and changing so quickly that [...]

Fast Design vs. Design Thinking – A New Approach

It is an indisputable fact that product teams have increasingly reaped the benefits of data science and technological advancements. Yet this has served only to highlight the delays in design [...]

Inside Silicon Valley – A Journey to the Digital World – Day 7

Friday – Day 7 Day 7 contained some very inspiring workshops at SAP Innovation Lab. Together with Dr. Karsten Schmidt, Head of Technology, Innovation Center Silicon Valley, SAP Labs, we [...]

Inside Silicon Valley – A Journey to the Digital World – Day 5

Day 5 – NASA and Day 5 was a day fully packed with workshops at fantastic places: NASA Ames Research Google – Marketing Analytics Technologies with Stefan Schnabl Stanford [...]

Inside Silicon Valley – A Journey to the Digital World – Day 4

The Tuesday was fully packed with several great highlights: insights from great presenters and a funny yet highly innovative Lego Serious Play workshop. The presenters were: Dr. Keith Devline [...]

Inside Silicon Valley – A Journey to the Digital World – Day 3

The motto of Day 3 was „Get the Silicon Valley Spirit“. The day began with a Stanford University campus tour, the Silicon Valley academic cell, the epicenter of the present and future [...]

Design Thinking+Agile: A Great Combination for Effective Innovation

Design Thinking and Agile Methodology are considered two completely different concepts, with the two being viewed as separate and independent of each other. Agile is primarily about the how of a [...]

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