New Jobs on the Rise

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Technology has brought dramatic changes to the world, not least in the world of work. It’s not just the changes that are significant, the pace of change itself has been amazing. Just a decade ago, many of the jobs we know today did not exist. In fact, there were probably jobs most would have thought were impossible, For example, because of technology we now have jobs like:

  • Machine learning engineers: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage these days, and machine learning is the practical face of AI. Today, there are engineers whose job is to deploy machine learning solutions into production and implement custom machine learning code for various purposes.
  • Drone Controllers who pilot drones used for everything from recreational to business purposes, such as product delivery.
  • App Developers. The rise of smartphones has given rise to this new class of jobs. Apps are an integral part of smartphones and their demand matches that of the phones.
  • Cloud Service Technicians. Ten years ago, the term cloud computing was almost unheard of. Today however, the number of cloud computing‑based jobs has seen a sharp increase in proportion to the widespread use of the technology.
  • Uber Driver. Can you believe that ten years ago there was no job known as Uber driver? That almost seems weird today, when we consider that Uber currently has over 7 million users and a workforce of over 150,000 drivers.
  • Social Media Specialists. That’s right. A decade ago, nobody could have guessed this would be a thing; in fact, the term ‘social media’ was not in existence. Today, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are major business advertising methods and businesses have, as a result, been forced to employ social media experts to strategize and oversee their social media operations.
  • Driverless Car Mechanics. The existence of driverless cars today has brought the need for mechanics and software engineers and developers whose work is to design, program and maintain them.

Technology changing Businesses

What this means for the individual is that there are many new career paths they can pursue. But what does it mean for businesses? Very simple: in order to remain relevant commercial enterprises must adopt new methods of running, operating and managing businesses. This may mean thinking outside the box and preparing for jobs that may not as yet exist. Because as technology revolutionizes how they do business, more nimble and innovative methods of doing the same business are rising up. Take the financial services sector as an example. While banks stuck to their old traditional ways of doing things, mobile technology quietly, but effectively revolutionized how people access banking services. In what was a world first, mobile money transfer solved the problem of slow, expensive and inaccessible money transfer for those in distant and remote areas. Since then thousands of operator and managerial jobs have been created by the establishment of mobile money transfer agencies.

It is projected that over 80% of the world’s jobs after the year 2025 are not yet in existence. At the same time, some of the current jobs will be rendered obsolete by use of robotics, whose technology envisages the creation of robots with human qualities of reasoning and empathy.

Tech company, Dell, goes so far as to predict a complete revolution in the relationship between man and technology. It foresees a future where man will no longer just rely technology, but rather a partnership where technology will tap humans’ skills and synchronize with the machine’s automation and efficiency, resulting in “supermen”- that is, humans not being bound any more by their natural limitations.

Technology will be directing humans and helping them to take control of their daily lives. By being conduits of technology, humans will be will be driven and dictated to work according to the parameters set by technology.

People will not be looking for work but work will be looking for them. Organizations will be helped by matchmaking technology to fish out for employment the best talent from any human from any part of the globe.

Adapt or Perish

The fast changes brought about by technological advances pose great challenges to businesses, but they come also with opportunities to those who have flexible and creative mind-set. The change that is occurring because of technology is here to stay and it will keep accelerating. It is the responsibility of businesses and individuals to embrace the changes in order to remain relevant. When confronted by the absolute necessity to change, it is imperative for businesses to remain clearly focused on the help technology affords them to be productive.

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